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Celebrations for 100 years of the aircraft industry at Filton took place throughout 2010, with exhibitions, special events, workshops in schools, and the Bristol Aero Museum (then at Kemble) opening for the whole of National Families Week.   
       Details and film archives are on the website at  


The Bristol Aero Collection Museum at Kemble Airfield is now closed, and the collection of artefacts, ranging from aircraft, aero engines, missiles, spacecraft, and transport vehicles, through to model aircraft, is in temporary storage undergoing renovation work, to prepare it for display in a new museum being planned at Filton, where most of the items originated.  This will help future generations appreciate how the Bristol Aeroplane Company developed through their pioneering work with new designs, processes and products.

Bristol Aerospace Centre

It is hoped this will open in 2016 or 2017, on part of the Filton Airfield site, with newly refurbished WW1 hangars to house the main collection of artefacts, with a restoration centre in another hangar.  Concorde 216 will be housed in an attractive new building, together with educational and corporate events rooms.  

Find out about the new Filton museum, its exhibits, and the Bristol Aero Collection Trust at (opens in new window)

School and Youth Group Visits:

At present, we cannot offer any visits to the Collection for schools or youth groups, though the new Aerospace Centre will be including that in their programmes when open. 

Meanwhile, it is hoped to offer an outreach programme involving visits, talks and activities to your school or youth group.   If you would be interested in that, please contact the Schools liaison contact below.


Resources for Schools:

We have a range of loan resources for schools, including support materials for studying World War II, large Airbus models, activity packs for Science and Technology, MP3 recorders for living history projects, and some other items.

If a talk and/or activity session at school would be of interest, we have a number of aviation-related talks and design/technology activities which we can offer.

Resources for Schools

Resources for Youth Groups:

We have special resources and activities available for the Cubs and Scouts Aviation badges and Aviation Camps.

Scout Aviation Activities

Other Aviation Resources:

Further resources on aviation matters, meteorology, navigation, pilot scholarships and building and flying light aircraft is available on the LAA Youth & Education Support site at


Activities for Youngsters:

Puzzles, Quizzes, Foam Plate Gliders, and Experiments are all here!     Activity Zone

To find out about youngsters building real light aircraft in school go to     Build-a-Plane


Schools liaison:  Dave Hall,   Mobile:  07890-652911   email  

Concorde at Filton is regrettably no longer able to accept visitors.  It has been withdrawn from display, pending its move to the new museum building.


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