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Boxkite to Concorde

Loan and Download Resources 

Large Airbus airliner models:
There is a selection of these models, some around a meter long.  They would be ideal for a transport or technology project, for display or close-up study, measuring, scale drawing etc.   email for info
Bristol Aircraft Centenary 'Trump' Cards
Twenty-four full-colour cards in a set of Bristol Aircraft from Boxkite to Concorde, with Length, Wingspan, Mass (weight), Top speed, Range, No of Engines and date of Maiden flight.  A handy source of info with instructions for printing out to make a set of 'trump' cards.
Aircraft are:- Boxkite, Scout C, M1.C, Fighter F2b, Braemar, Tourer, Babe, Bulldog, Britain First, Bombay, 138A High Altitude Monoplane, Blenheim, Beaufort, Beaufighter, Buckingham, Brigand, Freighter, Sycamore helicopter, Brabazon, Britannia, Bloodhound missile, Belvedere twin rotor helicopter, Type 188, and Concorde.  
                          Download Bristol 'Trump' Cards

Produced with help from pupils of Shield Road Primary School and MLA South-West


World War II Workcards:
We have a series of ready-printed and laminated workcards based on the story of the development of the Bristol Blenheim Bomber, from its prototype as a fast business transport through its wartime active service and training role.  The set covers social changes such as women working in factories, ARP Wardens, WVS, Home Guard, and the role of the Commonwealth Countries.  Colourful cartoon illustrations brighten up each card.  The Aero Collection is currently restoring the aircraft featured in the story.

Samples:  WS16 Women Factory Workers    WS18 The Home Guard       also available on CD.

The Blenheim Story 
We can give an illustrated talk on the Blenheim Story, using specially commissioned colourful cartoon drawings.   The Powerpoint Slideshow below uses some of these illustrations.    

Part 1:
  Answering the Need    How the Blenheim came to be designed and built.
Part 2:
  The Blenheim at War    The Blenheim's role in wartime and the Canadian connection.
Part 3:
  The Home Front    Women factory workers, air-raids, shelters and wardens, ARP, Home Guard, WVS, Post-war housing needs met by Pre-fabs.     
              (Illustrations sponsored jointly by MLA South-West and the Batty Foundation)
Bristol Airoh Pre-fab card model:
This card model for cutting out and assembling is available as a download for printing in school on A4 card; 160 to 200 gsm is best.  It is suitable for 9+ pupils.   Pre-fab Model
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