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Boxkite to Concorde


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Building a light aircraft at Yateley School Farnborough 2010 Mag Issue 2   pp 10-11
School Activity Day at White Waltham Airfield Airfield Activities Day
Youngsters Build a Plane, then fly it! UK Youth Build-a-Plane Project
How things work; fascinating facts; activities for primary schools; activities for secondary schools Rolls-Royce Education
Build an Airbus A340 in 2 minutes - video Airbus build
Look round an Airbus A380 Cockpit A380 Cockpit
Things for anyone interested in learning about Aviation Youth & Education Support
High-altitude record of 1936 in a Bristol Type 138A Aeroplane    Pathé News     Film 1      Film 2      
Can a business plane do aerobatics? Aerobatics with a glass of cold tea
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